Thesis summary

During my thesis, I worked on the accessibility of maps and diagrams for visually impaired people. I investigated to what extent the physicality and reconfigurability of tangible interfaces could improve the accessibility of maps and diagrams, through the design, development and evaluation of tabletop tangible interfaces. My work was part of the AccessiMap national research project and I was supervised by Christophe Jouffrais and Marc Macé.


The list of publications is available here.


  • Thesis

    In october 2017, I successfully defended my thesis, entitled "tabletop tangible maps and diagrams for visually impaired users".

  • The Tangible Box

    The Tangible Box enhances tactile graphics with tangible interaction, making them interactive and reconfigurable.

  • BotMap

    BotMap is an actuated tabletop TUI that supports non-visual panning and zooming.

  • Literature review

    Together with Anke Brock, we proposed an exhaustive review of interactive maps for visually impaired users, as well as a new classification.

  • Tangible Reels

    The Tangible Reels are a novel type of tangible objects that enable visually impaired users to construct and explore tangible maps and diagrams.